Beef Kidney à la Tuileries

Rognon de Bœuf à la Tuileries


Take a beef kidney, remove the skin and core, and cut it up into little dice shapes, put a frying-pan on the stove with one and half ounces of fat or butter, make it quite hot and then strew in the kidney with an equal quantity of lean ham or bacon cut in the same way, season with a tiny dust of cayenne pepper and a little chopped bayleaf, thyme, eschalot, and parsley, and fry together for eight to ten minutes, constantly shaking the fryingpan while cooking, then strain off the fat and mix with it three or four tablespoonfuls of parsley sauce, return to the saucepan, make it hot, and turn out on a hot dish, round the edge of which a purée of mushrooms has been arranged, and then garnish round the edge of the mushroom purée with soufflés or straws of potatoes, and sprinkle the latter with a little chopped parsley.