Salt Beef for Immediate Use


Take a piece of fresh beef, about eight pounds of the rump or other joint, rub it well for ten to fifteen minutes with a pound and a half of common salt, tie it with string, put it in a cloth and tie it up tightly in it, plunge into boiling water, and allow it to cook gently for two and a half hours; take up, remove the cloth and string, dish up on a hot dish, garnish with carrots and cabbage, and serve suet pudding with it. A little of the liquor in which the beef was cooked can be served round the beef and the remainder can be used as stock for pea and other soups.

The carrots for serving with the beef should be scraped and washed and cut in quarters and neatly trimmed, and put to boil with the beef for an hour and a half.

The cabbage for serving with the beef should be boiled with it for about three quarters of an hour, then drained in the cullender, pressed, and cut into square portions.

The suet pudding can also be boiled with the beef, and will take one and a half to two hours.