Boiled Salt Beef

Bล“uf Salรฉ bouilli


Take about twelve pounds of the rump or brisket of beef. If the latter is used, bone it. Rub it daily for about ten minutes for six or eight days before cooking, turning the meat over each day, with four pounds of common salt, one pound of moist sugar, one ounce of bay salt, and one ounce of saltpetre in powder. When ready to cook, rinse off the salt and brine, skewer it up, and tie it with a piece of tape or string; put it into a saucepan with enough warm water to cover it; when it comes to the boil skim it well and let it simmer on gently till cooked, allowing twenty minutes for each pound of meat. Dish up and serve as in the foregoing recipe.

The pickle can be used repeatedly, adding a little fresh salt from time to time.