Fillets of Veal, Green Gooseberry Sauce

Filets de Veau, Sauce Groseilles vertes


Take some fillet of veal, say about one pound and a half to two pounds, cut it into slices and then into neat little fillets; bat them out, using cold water to prevent them sticking to the board, then place them on a dish and season them with a little salt and cayenne pepper, and dip them into warm butter, then into whole beaten up egg that is mixed with a little finely chopped cooked tongue or ham in the proportion of half an ounce of tongue to one raw egg, then into fine flour and again into the egg, and drop them into clean boiling fat and fry for five or six minutes; take up, dish on a dish-paper and serve with crisply fried potato straws in the centre and with very hot green gooseberry sauce in a boat.