Curry of Veal

Veau en Kari


Melt in a saucepan two ounces of butter or fat, and put into it two pounds of neck or breast of veal cut up into little neat pieces, season with a little salt and ground pepper, together with four or five good sized onions and two apples peeled and sliced, and a bunch of herbs, fry for about fifteen or twenty minutes till a nice golden colour, then add a large tablespoonful of Marshall’s curry powder, teaspoonful of curry paste, ditto chutney, one tablespoonful of tamarinds, the juice of one lemon, and two ounces of flour, mix well, and add rather better than three pints of cold water, bring to the boil; skim, and let boil for about two hours, remove any fat from the surface, take out the meat, and dish it in a pile in the centre of the dish; pass the stock through the tammy or sieve, and boil it up; form a border of rice round the meat, pour some of the sauce over the meat, and the rest round the rice, and serve some of the boiled rice on a plate, on a napkin or dish-paper.