Calf’s Liver with French Beans

Foie de Veau aux Haricots verts


Cut three quarters of a pound of calf’s liver in little dice shapes, season them with pepper and salt; cut up two onions in a similar way, season them likewise; then melt two ounces of butter in a sauté pan, and add to it a sprig of chopped thyme and bayleaf, and fry the onions in it for about fifteen minutes; drain off the fat into another pan and mix the onions with four tablespoonfuls of good brown sauce in a stewpan and let this simmer for about ten minutes; then put the liver into the pan containing the fat, and fry it four or five minutes and mix it with the onions and brown sauce, taking care that the latter does not boil after the liver is mixed with it. Cut some French beans in lengths of about one inch, plainly boil them, then drain them when cooked, mix with them a pat of butter and a few drops of lemon juice and dish them up so as to form a border, and put inside this the liver prepared as above. This is a nice dish for an entree for dinner or luncheon, or for a second course dish in place of game.