Fritot of Calf’s Foot, Vinaigrette Sauce

Fritot de Pied de Veau, Sauce Vinaigrette


Take a fresh calf’s foot, put it in cold water with a little salt for several hours before cooking, then tie it up in a clean cloth or a piece of muslin and put it into cold water with a little salt and bring to the boil, then strain and wash it well in cold water; put again into a clean stewpan with one or two sliced onions, a good bunch of herbs, a carrot, a turnip, a little celery and leek, a pinch of salt, about one dozen peppercorns, four cloves, and a blade of mace; cover with stock or water, and bring gently to the boil, then skim and let it simmer for three or four hours, according to the size of the foot, and then take up, remove the cloth, split the foot, and take out the bones from it; put it on a plate, and sprinkle the inside of it with chopped tongue or ham, parsley, eschalot, mignonette pepper, and a little mushroom chopped fine. Close up the foot again, and put it to press till cool, then cut it in neat pieces and dip in frying batter, and fry in clean boiling fat till a pretty golden colour, dish up on a paper or napkin on a hot dish, and garnish with fried parsley. Serve hot with vinaigrette sauce for an entrée, second course, or luncheon dish.