Fillet of Mutton à la Charlton

Filet de Mouton à la Charlton


Take a loin of mutton, bone and trim it and roll it up and tie it with a string into the form of a galantine and place it in a buttered stewpan; sprinkle all over with finely chopped onion, bayleaf, thyme, parsley, and a little mignonette pepper, and fry quickly with the pan covered for about fifteen minutes, then pour into the pan two tablespoonfuls of mushroom ketchup and about half a pint of tomato pulp, and adding a little more if needed during the cooking; let this simmer gently on the side of the stove or in the oven for about hours, take up and press till cold, then dip into flour and whole beaten up egg, and then in freshly made white breadcrumbs, and fry a pretty golden colour in clean boiling fat for about five minutes, dish up and serve with tomato sauce round. Any of the remains from cooking the fillet can be put into the stock for making brown sauce.