Fillets of Mutton with Artichoke Bottoms

Filets de Mouton aux Fonds d’Artichauts


Take a piece of loin of mutton that has been well hung, remove all the bone and unnecessary fat and skin from it and then cut it into fillets about an inch and a half thick, bat them out on a wetted board and shape them into nice formed fillets, then lard them with lardons of fat bacon just round the edge to form a pretty border, trim the lardons, season with a little pepper and salt, and put the fillets on a plate; season them with warm butter, and sprinkle over the centre of the fillets a little finely shredded gherkin, and leave them lying in the seasoning for about one hour before cooking; place them on a fold of well oiled foolscap paper, and put them on a tin with a buttered paper over, and cook them in a quick oven for twelve to fifteen minutes; then remove the top paper, lightly brush over the fillets with a little warm glaze, and crisp the lardons with the salamander or in the oven. Have some cooked artichoke bottoms, and dish these up alternately with the fillets of mutton on a border of mashed potato and serve very hot with Piquant or Poivrade sauce round.