Sauted Kidney

Rognon sauté


Take four mutton kidneys, remove the skins and cores, and cut them into slices crosswise about barely a quarter of an inch thick, and season with a little pepper and salt; put one and a half ounces of butter in a sauté pan, and let it get hot but not browned; put the slices of kidney into the pan as soon as the butter is quite hot, and keep shaking about in the pan over the fire for about two minutes; then turn them into a pointed strainer, and let the fat they were cooked in drain from them; clean out the pan, and put in it about one tablespoonful of sherry; when this is hot add half an ounce of glaze and three or four tablespoonfuls of brown sauce, let this boil up for two or three minutes, then add the slices of kidney, but do not let them boil, or they will shrivel up and become tough; pile them on a hot dish with the sauce round, and garnish with five or six little bunches of fried potatoes. Serve for breakfast, luncheon, or entrée. Kidneys prepared the same way can be served in an omelet for breakfast, luncheon, or second course.