Kidney à la Brochette

Rognon à la Brochette


Take one kidney for each person, remove the skin and core from it, and split it lengthways down the side opposite to the core, cutting it nearly in half, but not quite through, so that it will open out like a book; season the inside with pepper and salt, steep the kidney in warm butter, and before the butter has time to get cool dip the kidney into freshly made white breadcrumbs, pass an ordinary steel skewer through the halves of the kidney crossways to the cut so as to keep it open, then grill or broil for eight to ten minutes at a moderate fire. When the kidney is cooked the crumbs should be a pretty golden colour; remove the skewer, and replace it with a hatelet skewer, put a few drops of glaze, if you have any, into each kidney, and just at the time of serving a piece of Maître d’Hôtel butter about the size of a walnut in each. These kidneys can be served for an entrée or second course dish, or for breakfast or luncheon.

On Skewer for Cooking.

On Hatelet for Serving.