Pigs’ Feet Stuffed

Pieds de Pore farcis


Soak four fresh pigs’ feet in salt and water for a day, then put them in a saucepan with cold water and a little salt; let them come to the boil; remove and wash them in cold water; put them into the saucepan with cold water to cover them, season with a little salt, and cook till tender. Take them up and let them get a little cool, split them underneath and take out all the little bones. If the feet are large, they may be cut in halves; press well into each a piece of stuffing about the size of a walnut, and dip them into the raw white of egg, seasoned with a pinch of salt, mixed up with a fork; wrap up each twice round in a piece of pork caul, dip again in the white of egg, and put them in a greased sauté pan or tin, and place them in the oven, or cook on the stove, for twelve to fifteen minutes. Dish up, and serve with brown mustard sauce round. Sixpennyworth of caul will be sufficient for a large dish; the caul should be put in salt and water for some hours before using, and if the salt water is changed from time to time the caul may be kept in stock. This is a good breakfast or luncheon dish.

Stuffing for Pigs’ Feet

Take three quarters of a pound of fresh pork, lean and fat, from the loin or leg, that is weighed after being passed through the sausage machine; if you have no sausage machine, cut the same quantity up very fine, and to it add a good pinch of salt, a little mignonette pepper, small eschalot or a tiny piece of onion chopped fine, a little chopped parsley, one raw yolk of egg, one good tablespoonful of fresh breadcrumbs, and mix well together, and use.