Pigs’ Feet à la Cendrillon

Petits Pieds à la Cendrillon


Blanch four pigs’ feet by putting them in cold water with a pinch of salt and bringing them to the boil, and then put them to cook till tender; take out the bones and fill the feet with farce; arrange them with sliced truffle on the top and wrap them in cleansed pork caul; then brush them over with white of egg and sprinkle browned breadcrumbs all over with the exception of that part which is decorated with the truffle; cook in the oven on a buttered tin for fifteen minutes. Dish on a purée of mushrooms with the sauce round the base.

Sauce for Petits Pieds à la Gendrillon

To half a pint of brown sauce add a wineglassful of white wine, a good teaspoonful of French mustard, and a saltspoonful of English mustard; boil up, tammy and use.

Farce for Petits Pieds à la Gendrillon

Pound half a pound of loin of pork and pass it through the machine, then mix with it a saltspoonful of mignonette pepper, a dust of cayenne, a pinch of salt, three chopped truffles or mushrooms, one eschalot chopped fine, and one raw yolk of egg; mix all together and put into a forcing bag with a pipe and use.