Pigs’ Feet à l’Anglaise

Pieds de Porc à l’Anglaise


Take some well cleansed pigs’ feet and put them into a saucepan with enough cold water to cover them, season it with salt, bring it to the boil, skim it and boil on gently for three and a half to four hours, then take up and when slightly cooled split the feet, remove the bones, and season inside with chopped sage and onion, and a little pepper and English mustard, and fold them up again and put to press between two plates with a weight on the top. When cold take up and cut in strips about one inch wide; dip these into fine flour and then into a whole beaten up egg and freshly made white breadcrumbs, bat with the palette knife to make quite smooth, and then put them into a frying basket and fry in clean boiling fat for about five minutes, then take up, dish on a dish-paper, and garnish with fried parsley and serve very hot.