Sauted Rabbit à la Castillaine

Lapereau sauté à la Castillaine


Take young rabbits for this dish, skin and cleanse hem and cut them up into little neat joints, season them with a little salt, chopped eschalot, chopped capers, tarragon and chervil, and chopped raw bacon (lean and fat), put the pieces into a sauté pan with a tablespoonful of salad oil or clarified fat that is quite boiling, and fry the joints in it till perfectly brown, but not allowing the seasoning to burn, then drain off all the fat and add a tablespoonful of white wine and boil together till the wine is nearly reduced; add half a small grated cocoanut (or some of Linton’s concentrated fresh cocoanut) and the milk of the cocoanut, and half a pint of tomato sauce, boil up together for about twelve to fifteen minutes, and turn out on to a hot dish, serve with four or six little bunches of cooked salsifies round the base and sprinkle over a little finely chopped parsley.