Dry Curry of Rabbit

Kari sec de Lapereau


Cleanse and cut up a rabbit in joints, season with coriander powder, a little salt and ginger; cut up in fine slices six small or three large onions and two sour apples, and tie up a bunch of herbs (basil, marjoram, thyme, bayleaf, parsley), and put them to fry in a quarter of a pound of butter or dripping till a nice golden colour, then add the joints of the rabbit, cover the pan down, and let them fry with the onions &c. for about ten minutes; then sprinkle in half a large or one small grated cocoanut (or use Linton’s concentrated fresh cocoanut) and the milk from the nut, and one and a half ounces of fine flour that has been passed through a sieve, add one tablespoonful of Marshall’s curry powder, three crushed red peppers, the juice of two lemons, one ounce of glaze, and half a pint of stock; mix well, and let it simmer for about one hour, keeping it skimmed; take up the pieces of meat and keep them hot, and rub the sauce through the tammy. Form a border of boiled rice on the dish, and within it dish up the joints, sprinkle each piece with a little grated cocoanut, and pour the sauce over. This can be served hot or cold for dinner or luncheon.