Jugged Hare

Civet de Lièvre à l’Anglaise


Skin, cleanse, and cut the hare in nice neat pieces, not larger than an egg; season with pepper and a little cayenne and salt, and fry over the fire with two ounces of butter and about two ounces of small square pieces of bacon until a good brown colour, put it into a wide mouthed jar with four good wineglasses of port wine or claret, and cover over the jar; then put it in the oven for twenty minutes to half an hour, add about a pint of really good strong game stock, one and a half ounces of glaze and one tablespoonful of strained lemon juice, put into a muslin bag a piece of cinnamon about one inch long, four cloves, four bayleaves, a blade of mace, a sprig of thyme, twelve peppercorns, two Jamaica peppers, and a sprig of marjoram and parsley; tie up the bag, add to the above, then cover the jar over with water paste and put in the oven again for three hours in a pan containing boiling water; when the meat is cooked stram off the gravy and thicken it with one and a half ounces of fine flour and the same of butter mixed together; boil it up and pour it back on to the meat; make the whole quite hot and then dish up in a pile. Serve fried forcemeat balls round the base of the dish, and serve for dinner or luncheon.