Civet of Hare

Civet de Lièvre


Cut a cleansed hare into neat joints and put them in a pan with two ounces of butter, two dozen small blanched onions, a bunch of herbs, and a quarter of a pound of fat bacon cut up in small dice shapes, fry all together for about fifteen minutes, then sprinkle in two tablespoonfuls of flour; add half an ounce of glaze, a pint of thick brown sauce, and about half a pint of claret or port, and simmer gently for about one hour; then remove all the onions, bacon, and hare from the gravy; re-boil the latter, and add to it a small clove of scraped garlic, which is mixed into an equal quantity of butter, and tammy; add the onions, bacon, and hare to the sauce, let them boil up together, and dish in a pile on a hot dish, and garnish with kiteshaped croûtes, fried a nice golden colour, and button mushrooms. If the small button onions cannot be obtained, ordinary sliced onions may be used; these should not be taken up with the meat, but passed through the tammy with the sauce.