Croquettes of Fish à la Montglas

Croquettes de Poisson à la Montglas


Fry two ounces of butter with two ounces of flour till a pale golden colour, mix on to this half a pint of milk which has been boiled with a little mace and an eschalot for flavour, and stir till it boils; add half an ounce of live spawn which has been pounded with half an ounce of butter, and let it boil up, mix in two raw yolks of eggs, and stir over the fire till the sauce thickens, season with a pinch of salt, a dust of cayenne and nutmeg, and pass it through the tammy. Cut up the following into small dice shapes and add them to the sauce, viz.:—Two large or four small fillets of cooked sole, four button mushrooms, three or four blanched sauce oysters, and the body or the two claws of a cooked lobster; let the mixture cool, then take it up in portions of about a dessertspoonful, roll these into a ball with a little flour, dip them into whole beaten up egg, and then into freshly made breadcrumbs, and with a palette knife form them in cutlet shapes, and fry in boiling fat until a nice golden colour; dish up on a paper or napkin and garnish with fried parsley and frills. They may be fried in balls, cylinder or other shapes, if preferred. If live spawn cannot be obtained, use a little of Marshall’s liquid carmine. These can also be made entirely of white fish, as that left from a previous meal.