Grilled Bloaters

Harengs grillés


Take some bloaters, cut off their heads and tails, and split them from the top of the neck straight down the back, remove the roes and every particle of bone by passing the forefinger under the backbone from the tail, and press the fillets of each fish as near as possible towards each other, to make the fish appear plump; take out any blood or unclean parts from the roe and place it carefully down between the two fillets, pour over the fish a little warm butter, steeping it on both sides, place it in the grill to cook either to broil or grill for about five to eight minutes according to the size. If this means of cooking is not convenient, place them in a clean tin that is lightly buttered, and put a paper over and cook them in a moderate oven for the same time. Dish up on a hot silver dish and brush over with a little warm butter and garnish with little sprigs of fresh green parsley, and serve while quite hot.