Stuffed Herrings with Mustard Butter

Harengs farcis au Beurre de Moutarde


Take four good sized nice fresh herrings, split them and remove all the bones as in foregoing recipes, season the insides with the following seasoning, viz.: Mix all together a pinch of pepper and salt, one- ounce of freshly made white breadcrumbs, one ounce of warm melted butter, two washed, boned, and chopped anchovies, and chopped parsley, bayleaf, thyme, and eschalot (one tablespoonful all together of the herbs); close the fish again into their natural shapes and steep them in warm butter or dripping, and grill or broil, or cook on a greased tin for ten to twelve minutes; dish on a hot dish and serve with mustard butter as made below, on the top.

Mustard Butter

Take two ounces of butter, a teaspoonful of mixed English mustard, the same of French mustard, the juice of half a strained lemon, and half a tablespoonful of French tarragon vinegar; mix up all together, then use.