Haddock à la Marta

Merluche à la Marta


Wash a fresh haddock and dry it well in a clean cloth, trim off the fins, split it down the belly, remove all the bones, cut off the head, and cleanse the inside; lay the fish open, season the inside with a little pepper and salt and the strained juice of two lemons, place the fish on a well-buttered tin and pour over it about an ounce of warm butter, put a buttered or greased paper over it and stand the tin containing it in another tin with hot water in it, and cook in a moderate oven for about fifteen minutes; take up the fish, place it on a hot dish, strain the liquor from the tin in which the fish was cooked into a stewpan and work into it by degrees an ounce of butter and two tablespoonfuls of Bechamel sauce, add half a pint of picked chopped shrimps, three boned anchovies chopped fine and washed, a teaspoonful of essence of anchovy, and two tablespoonfuls of cream, make quite hot but do not let it boil, pour it over the haddock and sprinkle it with a few French capers, and serve very hot.


This fish may be cooked and served in the same way as haddock.