Lobster à la Milanaise

Homard à la Milanaise


Put a live lobster into a stewpan with half a pint of boiling fish stock and one and a half gills of white wine, one sliced onion and a bunch of herbs, boil together for about twenty minutes, take up the lobster, split the bones, remove all the meat, cut it in slices and keep these hot between two plates over boiling water till wanted. Remove the bunch of herbs from the stewpan, and to the other ingredients add a quarter of a pint of thick tomato sauce and boil up, work in one ounce of butter which has been mixed with two ounces of fine flour, one and a half ounces of grated Parmesan cheese and two tablespoonfuls of cream, add an ounce of pounded live spawn, re-boil, rub through the tammy, make the sauce quite hot in the bain marie and pour it over the pieces of lobster when they are dished up.