Lobster au Gratin

Homard au Gratin


Fry together without discolouring a quarter of a pound of fine flour and a quarter of a pound of butter, and then stir on to this till it boils one pint of milk which has been first boiled with a blade of mace and an eschalot for flavour, and add one ounce of pounded lobster spawn, a dessertspoonful of anchovy essence, a dust of cayenne, a pinch of salt, and a gill of cream, and stir over the fire until it re-boils; wring it through a tammy and use as below.

Take the meat from a large freshly cooked lobster and cut it up in neat slices, arrange some of the prepared sauce on a buttered dish in which the lobster is to be served, then place a layer of sliced lobster on this and spread a layer of the prepared sauce on the top, continue the layers of fish and sauce until the dish is full, finishing with a layer of the sauce, using a rose pipe and bag for arranging the top layer, sprinkle browned breadcrumbs over the top with little pieces of butter here and there, stand the dish in a tin containing boiling water to about three parts of the depth of the dish and cook in a very quick oven for fifteen to twenty minutes, take up, sprinkle the top with finely chopped parsley and lobster coral, and serve very hot. The top should be a nice golden colour when taken from the oven, and can be browned with the salamander if preferred so.