Devilled Crab

Crabe à la Diable


Put a medium sized live crab in boiling water with a little salt and cook it for twenty-five to thirty minutes according to size, take it up, remove the claws, scoop out all the creamy part from the large shell, putting away the gills and bag which are found on the top of the inside of the shell; pull out all the meat from the claws with a fork. Clean the crabshell to use for serving. Reduce half a pint of thick Veloute sauce with a gill of thick cream to half the quantity, then add a dessertspoonful of essence of anchovy, a dust of cayenne pepper, a dessertspoonful of chutney, a teaspoonful of chilli vinegar, a teaspoonful of English mustard mixed with a little water, a teaspoonful of French mustard, a pinch of salt, two very finely chopped eschalots, a tablespoonful of chopped parsley, two chopped red chillies, and the creamy part and meat of the crab except that taken from one of the claws; stir all together and place the mixture into the shell, smooth it over, sprinkle the top with browned breadcrumbs, place it on a baking tin, and cook in a quick oven for fifteen to twenty minutes, take up and put it on a hot dish and garnish the top with the meat from one of the claws, having first warmed it in a little mushroom liquor or light stock between two plates over boiling water, sprinkle the top with a little finely chopped parsley and lobster coral (if at hand), garnish round with sprigs of green parsley, and serve very hot.