Scolloped Oysters

Coquilles dโ€™Huรฎtres


Take two and a half dozen nice fresh plump oysters, beard them and split them in halves, or they may be served whole if liked, and place them in half a dozen buttered china or other imitation shells, and cover them with the sauce prepared as below, sprinkle them with a few pale browned breadcrumbs, and put little pieces of butter on each here and there and bake in a moderate oven for ten to twelve minutes, dish on a dish-paper or napkin and serve very hot. If preferred very brown on the top, they can be browned with the salamander. This is also an excellent second course dish.

Sauce for Scolloped Oysters

Fry lightly together two ounces of butter and four ounces of fine flour, then add a quarter of a pint of milk, quarter of a pint of liquor from the oysters, a saltspoonful of essence of anchovy, two tablespoonfuls of white wine, a dust of cayenne pepper, and stir together till it boils, then add two raw yolks of eggs, a tablespoonful of thick cream, a few drops of lemon juice, and stir over the fire until it thickens, but do not let it re-boil, tammy it, add a pinch of finely chopped parsley and a very small piece of eschalot chopped very fine, and use as directed.