Fillets of Sole in Cases à la Maître d’Hôtel

Filets de Sole en Caisses à la Maître d’Hôtel


Skin the sole, take off the fillets, bat them out well, trim them neatly, season the skinned side with white pepper and salt, and roll up each fillet so that the seasoned side is inwards, tie up each in a little band of buttered paper, and place them in a buttered stewpan, pour a little lemon juice over the fillets, put the cover on the pan, and place it in a moderate oven or on the side of the stove for twelve to fifteen minutes; remove the paper from the fillets, and place each one in a small paper case which has been rubbed on the outside with salad oil and dried in the screen. When about to serve place on the top of each fillet a piece of Maître d’Hôtel butter about the size of an olive, pour a few drops of thin glaze on the top of the butter, dish the cases quickly on a dish-paper, and serve hot. These can be served for breakfast or luncheon, or as a dinner fish. Any liquor left over from the cooking of the fillets can be kept for fish stocks.