Skate with Black Butter

Raie au Beurre noir


Take about one and a half pounds of nice fresh crimped skate, truss the pieces into any pretty form, using a needle and fine string for the purpose, and place them in a basin with clean cold water that is well salted, let them lie in this for about one hour, and rinse them in fresh clean cold water just before cooking; put the skate into a stewpan and cover it with cold water that is seasoned with salt and about three tablespoonfuls of French vinegar to the quart of water; tie together in a piece of clean muslin a few slices of cleaned carrot, sliced onion, turnip, celery, and herbs (thyme, bayleaf, parsley), and a few black and white peppercorns, and put the packet into the pan with the fish, bring to the boil, then let the pan stand on the side of the stove for about five to eight minutes, take up the pieces carefully with a slice, and arrange them tastefully on a very hot dish, cut and draw out the strings. Have some boiling black butter poured all over the skate, and send it up to table very hot. It can be served for dinner, luncheon, or breakfast, as liked. This is also excellent with Tartare sauce, which can be handed.