Eggs à la Princesse

Œufs à la Princesse


Put the eggs into a sauté pan and cook them in the oven till the whites are firm enough to out and the yolks not hard; then trim them round with a plain round cutter and arrange them on croûtons of fried bread that are cut about the same size as the eggs, and ornament the eggs alternately with chopped parsley, tongue, and hard boiled yolk of egg that has been passed through a wire sieve. Arrange these on a dish, with rounds of lean ham or tongue that has been warmed in a little clear gravy or sherry between two plates; allow one egg to each person and serve with the sauce round the dish for breakfast or luncheon.

Sauce for Eggs à la Prineesse

Three tablespoonfuls of cream, one yolk of egg, one ounce of butter, and a little cayenne. Stir in the bain marie till it thickens, then tammy, add a few drops of lemon juice, and a pinch of finely chopped parsley, and use.