Eggs à la Tripe

Œufs à la Tripe


Take some eggs that have been boiled for seven minutes and shell and slice them, using a wet warm knife for the purpose. Butter the dish well in which they are to be served, place a thin layer of creamy Bechamel sauce on the bottom, and on this place a layer of the sliced eggs; sprinkle these lightly with a little very finely chopped eschalot and fresh parsley, add another layer of sauce and then the eggs as before, and continue in like manner until the dish is nearly full. Let the sauce be on the top, and sprinkle over this a few browned breadcrumbs and about half an ounce of butter broken in tiny pieces; then place the dish in a tin containing boiling water, and stand in a hot oven for about fifteen to twenty minutes; then take up, remove the dish from the tin and sprinkle the top over with the hard boiled yolk of egg (that has been passed through a fine wire sieve) and a little chopped parsley. Serve for a second course, breakfast, or luncheon dish, and allow one egg to each person.