Little Tarragon Creams

Petites Crèmes à l’Estragon


Put into a basin one large white and two yolks of eggs, a quarter of a pint of cream or milk, a little white pepper and salt; beat up well with a fork till smooth, and add a little chopped tarragon. Butter some little dariol moulds (hexagon ones if you have them), and sprinkle them with chopped tongue and truffle mixed; pour in the cream mixture, and stand the dariols in a stewpan in boiling water to about three quarters the height of the moulds. When the water re-boils, draw the pan to the side of the stove and poach for about twenty minutes or half an hour till the creams are set; turn out on to a warm dish, and serve cream sauce round them prepared as follows:—Put into a stewpan one ounce of butter, two raw yolks of eggs, four tablespoonfuls of thin cream, a tiny pinch of salt, and three or four drops of lemon juice; stir in the bain marie over the fire till the sauce thickens, then add a saltspoonful of tarragon vinegar and strain it through a strainer or tammy; mix in a light sprinkling of chopped tarragon and use. This sauce will be found nice to serve with fillets of soles, whitings, &c., for breakfast, luncheon, or dinner.