Curried Eggs à la Bengal

Œufs en Kari sec à la Bengal


Peel three onions, cut them in very thin slices and put them into a stewpan with two ounces of fat or butter and two ounces of chopped lean bacon; add two finely chopped bay-leaves and a sprig of chopped thyme; fry these all together for about fifteen minutes till a nice golden colour, being careful not to break the onions more than possible in the frying; then lightly sprinkle in a tablespoonful of fine flour, add a teaspoonful of cardamons, one small scraped clove of garlic, a saltspoonful of ground allspice, a teaspoonful of Marshall’s curry powder, a pinch of ground ginger, a teaspoonful of salt, three quarters of a pint of any light meat stock or milk, and boil together on the side of the stove till the mixture is almost dry; then add to it twelve hard boiled eggs that have been cut up in thin round slices, and make all hot in the bain marie; then turn out on a hot dish in a border of plainly boiled rice; garnish round the rice with little bunches of hard boiled yolks of egg that have been rubbed through a wire sieve, and shredded green capsicums, and serve.

Cooked vegetables are excellent served in the same way, and fish, poultry, or meat left from previous meals can be used in a similar manner.