Tomatoes à la St. Germain

Tomates à la St. Germain


Take nice ripe good sized tomatoes, remove the core and pips, and season the insides with a little salt and white pepper. Mix half a pint of thick Bechamel sauce with a set of cooked sheep’s or calf’s brains that are cut up in pieces about the size of a small Spanish nut, and add a little finely chopped raw parsley; allow three or four pieces of brains and a dessertspoonful of sauce for each tomato, put this into the tomato, and press it in; sprinkle on the top a few browned breadcrumbs; place the tomatoes on a well buttered tin, and bake in a brisk oven for about twelve or fifteen minutes. Fry till a golden colour in clarified butter some rounds of stale bread, cut about a quarter of an inch thick and two inches in diameter; dish the tomatoes on these, and serve on a dish-paper, and garnish with a little watercress or a little green parsley. These can be used for luncheon, entrée, or for second course.