Galantine of Chicken

Galantine de Volaille


Bone the bird and season it inside with pepper, salt, cayenne, and a little nutmeg. Prepare as below a forcemeat of veal or fresh pork chopped very fine or passed through a mincing machine, and season this well; place it out about one inch thick on a slab, arrange on this strips of cooked ham or bacon and tongue, blanched pistachio nuts, almonds and truffles. Roll up the forcemeat and carefully push it into the boned bird at the neck end, using a little cold water whilst doing so to bind the meat. Butter a cloth and tie up the galantine in it, and cook it in stock with herbs and vegetables such as thyme, parsley, bayleaf, basil and marjoram, a few peppercorns, carrots, turnips, leeks, celery, &c., for about one and a half to two hours according to size, then remove from the cloth and tie it up again to tighten it, and put it to press until quite cold and firm. Dish up and garnish with truffle and aspic to taste. If wished to look well, arrange it on a crouton or a block of rice. Galantines of any game or poultry are made in a similar manner.

Forcemeat for Galantine

For a moderate size fowl take ten ounces of lean veal, twelve ounces of fresh pork, a quarter of a pound of ham, a quarter of a pound of tongue, twenty-four pistachio nuts, twelve almonds, three or four truffles, about six or eight turned olives and five or six boned anchovies if liked.