Little Choux with Apricots

Petits Choux aux Abricots


For the choux paste put half a pint of water in a pan with a quarter of a pound of butter and two ounces of castor sugar; when it boils mix into the pan five ounces of fine-sifted flour, stir quickly and mix well, and let the pan stand on the stove for ten minutes for the contents to cook. Let the mixture cool, and then mix in by degrees three whole eggs and a little vanilla essence: work the paste well with the egg, and put it in a forcing bag with a plain tin pipe, and press it out to about the size of a large walnut on to baking tins. Glaze over with a whole egg beaten up, and bake for about twenty minutes to half an hour; when cool, split in halves and place in the half of an apricot; close the paste up again and glaze over with maraschino icing; let this cool, and ornament it with thickly whipped cream sweetened and flavoured with vanilla. Use a rose pipe and bag for the cream, and form a rose on the top of each with it. Serve on a dish-paper or napkin.