Beignets Soufflés

Beîgnets Soufflés


Prepare a choux paste and put it in a forcing bag as in the foregoing recipe, using a large plain pipe, squeeze it out of the pipe over very hot fat, and when about as much as the size of a large filbert is out cut it off with a knife and let the pieces drop into the fat; cook them for eight to ten minutes, keeping the fat over the fire all the time and continually turning the beignets over. They should swell to the size of a small chicken’s egg and be a pretty golden colour when cooked. Take up on a pastry rack or sieve and then roll them in castor sugar, dish up on a dish-paper or napkin, and serve while quite hot for a sweet for dinner or luncheon. The quantity in recipe for Little Choux would be enough for eight or ten persons. The fat should not boil when the paste is put in, or the beignets will be browned before they are properly cooked.