Iced Orange Cake

Gâteau d’Oranges glacé


Put six whole eggs into a stewpan with a saltspoonful of Vanilla essence, ten ounces of castor sugar, the very finely chopped peel of three oranges and a teaspoonful of Marshall’s liquid carmine; whip this mixture with a whisk over boiling water on the stove till it is warm, then remove from the fire and continue the whipping till the ingredients are cold and thick like stiffly whipped cream, mix into it with a wooden spoon six ounces of fine flour (that has been rubbed through a wire sieve) and put into the screen to get warm; brush over a No. 4 size Charlotte mould with warm butter, paper it, butter this also and dust over with flour are sugar mixed in equal proportions, pour the cake mixture into the mould and bake in a very moderate oven for one and a quarter hours, then turn out the cake on to a pastry rack or sieve and let it get quite cold; cut it in slices and mask over each slice with orange marmalade that has been rubbed through a sieve, place the slices together in their original form and glaze over the cake with maraschino and orange glace; when the glace is beginning to set sprinkle all over it some finely shredded blanched pistachio nuts and dish on a dish-paper; serve for a dinner sweet with ice or a macedoine of fruit, or it can be served for dessert or afternoon tea. The same mixture may also be baked in any small fancy moulds.