Cake à la Trouville

Gâteau à la Trouville


Prepare a sponge mixture, as follows :—To four ounces of castor sugar add four eggs; heat over boiling water until lukewarm, then remove and whip till cold and stiff, and add, by degrees, three ounces of fine flour that has been passed through the sieve; have a melon mould rubbed over well with cold butter and dusted over with sifted flour and put in the mixture; put a band of buttered paper round and place it in a moderate oven for about thirty-five to forty minutes; when the cake looks a pretty golden colour, put a piece of paper over the top, and care must also be taken to prevent the bottom of the cake getting discoloured, say by placing an extra baking tin under it. When the cake is cooked turn it out, and when cool scoop out the inside of the cake and rest it in a basin or mould, nearly fill up the hollow with apricot or any other fruit purée, cut the bottom slice off the piece scooped out of the cake and fix this over the purée to keep it in when the cake is turned over; glaze all over with coffee glace, and when cold dish on a border of vanilla cream iced (prepared as below); when the glace is set, make little incisions all over, and put in them shredded pistachio, dried cherries, and almonds.

Vanilla Cream Iced for Border

Freeze one and a half pints of single cream, flavoured with vanilla and sweetened with four ounces of castor sugar, then put it in a border mould large enough to rest the cake on, and stand it in the ice cave for about one and a half hours; when sufficiently set turn out on a dish-paper on the dish it is to be served on, and on this place the cake, and serve.