Strawberry Soufflé à la Parisienne

Soufflé de Fraises à la Parisienne


Take three quarters of a pint of fresh strawberry pulp that has been rubbed through a sieve or tammy, then mix it with two and a half ounces of finely sifted flour, two ounces of butter, one gill of cream, three quarters of a pound of castor sugar, a few drops of essence of vanilla, and enough liquid carmine to make it a pretty red colour, and four raw yolks of eggs; stir together over the fire till the mixture boils, then add three quarters of a pound of sliced ripe strawberries and six whites of eggs that are whipped stiff, with a pinch of salt, pour the mixture into a soufflé tin or pie dish, place a band of buttered paper round the tin or dish, and bake in the oven for about forty minutes; when it has been in the oven about twenty minutes dust it over with icing sugar; when cooked, remove the paper, place a folded napkin round the dish, and serve it on a hot dish with a purée of iced strawberries handed in a sauceboat or glass, for dinner or luncheon.

Iced Strawberry Purée

Pound together one pound of strawberries, half a pound of castor sugar, the juice of one lemon, and a few drops of Marshall’s liquid carmine, rub through a tammy, and stand on ice till wanted for use.