Peaches à l’Australienne

Pêches à l’Australienne


Prepare a Florence paste as below and line some well oiled half-peach moulds about a quarter of an inch thick with it, trim the edges evenly, cutting them round with a knife, and leave the paste in the moulds until it is cold, then loosen it round the edge by means of a pointed knife, and turn it out. Have some stiffly whipped cream, flavour it with vanilla and sweeten slightly, put it into a forcing bag with a plain pipe, and force about a teaspoonful into each half of the peach shapes, place on the cream half of a small cooked or raw ripe skinned peach (or apricot, if liked). Have some Royal icing coloured with a little of Marshall’s liquid carmine, making it as near as possible the colour of the Florence paste, then put it into a forcing bag with a plain pipe and force a little border of it out on to the edges of one half of the peach shapes, then put the halves of the peaches together so as to form a whole peach, and leave them to dry for about fifteen to twenty minutes; place them on a pastry rack, and glaze them over with maraschino glace; when the glace is dry lightly brush over with a little powdered carmine, and dust over with a little castor or icing sugar; then dish them up on a dish-paper, garnish with natural or artificial leaves, and serve for a dinner sweet or for any cold collation. Custard may be handed in a separate dish or sauceboat.

Florence Paste

Take half a pound of blanched and finely chopped almonds, put them into a stewpan with half a pound of castor sugar, three tablespoonfuls of brandy or any liqueur, the juice of one large lemon, and a teaspoonful of Marshall’s liquid carmine; stir this all together over the fire for seven or eight minutes, keeping the mixture stirred all the time, then use at once while hot.