Walnuts in Nougat à la Crème

Noix en Nougat à la Crème


Take the little walnut moulds, oil them both sides and then put in each half a thin layer of nougat, prepared as in the foregoing recipe by chopping them up fine instead of shredding them, pressing it to the shape of the mould; when this is cool, remove and fill one half of the case with whipped cream sweetened with two ounces of castor sugar to half a pint of the cream, and flavoured with eight drops of essence of vanilla; and, in the other half, place half a skinned walnut that has been glazed over with coffee icing; join the two halves together with a little Royal icing, using a bag with a plain pipe for the purpose; when this is set, glaze over with pale coffee icing and let this set; then put each nougat in a little fancy paper case and arrange on the dish as in the engraving. Serve for a sweet for dinner or for a cold collation or for dessert.