Meringues with Vanilla Cream

Meringues à la Crème Vanille


Put the whites of four fresh eggs into a clean bowl or stewpan with a tiny pinch of salt, and whip them till quite stiff; mix in quickly half a pound of castor sugar with a wooden spoon. The mixture must be only lightly worked after the sugar is added. Warm a baking tin, and rub it over with a piece of white wax, and then put the mixture out on the tin with a bag and plain pipe, in quantity about the size of a crown piece. Dredge them over with icing sugar, and put into a very moderately heated oven for two or three hours, letting them bake a nice fawn colour. When they are dry remove them from the tin, and when cold serve with cream on each, or place them on a pile of the cream. Prepare the cream as in the foregoing recipe.