Savarin with Liquid Sunshine Rum

Savarin au Rhum Liquid Sunshine


Pass one pound of fine flour through a wire sieve, and put about a quarter part of the flour into a small basin; mix one ounce of German yeast and a pinch of salt into a quarter of a pint of tepid milk and water, and work it into the quarter part of the flour into a little round ball, and cut a cross on the top; then with the remaining flour make a little well in a basin, stand the dough in this and draw the flour over it, cover the basin over with a cloth, and leave it in or on the screen for about fifteen to twenty minutes till the dough has well broken through the flour; put all out of the pan on to the table or slab, break into it seven small whole eggs, add ten ounces of good butter and two ounces of castor sugar; mix all together and work it well for twenty minutes, cutting the paste well between the fingers, and working it lightly and quickly by drawing it up and casting it back, making a sort of circular motion with the hands to and from you; when the paste is ready it will leave the hands perfectly clear; then mix into it a quarter of a pound of finely shredded almonds; have the moulds for the savarins well buttered with cold butter, and sprinkled over with some finely shredded almonds; half fill the moulds with the mixture, place a band of well buttered paper round each, standing about as high again as the mould, tie or stick the paper with a little of the same paste; if using a mould with a pipe peel a potato or a carrot and cut it to fit the pipe, roll this in a little band of buttered paper and put it to stand up in the pipe to prevent the mixture as it rises from running down the pipe; stand the mould on a baking tin, and let the savarin rise in the screen; when the mixture has well risen and is of a very light appearance, put it into a rather quick oven and bake till a pretty golden colour; remove the papers &c., turn out and stand on a pastry rack, pour the boiling syrup prepared as below over it, and when well soaked serve hot or cold. This can be served plain or with whipped and lightly sweetened cream flavoured with any nice essence or with a purée of fruit. This quantity will make three good sized savarins, each being enough for about six persons if well made.

Syrup for Savarin

Twelve ounces of loaf sugar, one and a half pints of water; boil down to half the quantity, then add one large wineglass of Liquid Sunshine rum, and use.