Siamese Twins

Jumeaux Siamois


Prepare some choux paste (see Recipe) and put it into a forcing bag with a plain pipe; force it out into two rounds each about the size of a walnut, join the two together, brush over with whole beaten up egg, and bake in a moderate oven for about half an hour; they should then be a pretty golden colour. When baked put them aside till cold, then glaze over with maraschino glace, when this is set, put some cream prepared as below into a forcing bag with a small rose pipe and force a little rose shape on the top of each ball as in the engraving. Dish up on a dish-paper or napkin and serve for dinner or luncheon sweet, or for any cold collation.

Maraschino Glace for Siamese Twins

To three quarters of a pound of Marshall’s icing sugar add two tablespoonfuls of maraschino syrup, one tablespoonful of warm water, and six or eight drops of sap green; mix together, just warm over the stove and use at once.

Cream for Siamese Twins

Whip till quite stiff half a pint of cream and sweeten it with two ounces of castor sugar, then add a few drops of essence of vanilla and six or eight drops of carmine; after this is added draw a fork through the cream, which will give it a marbled appearance and make a very pretty effect.