Peaches à la Crème

Pêches à la Crème


Put four whole eggs into a stewpan with the finely-chopped peel of a lemon and four ounces of castor sugar, whip together over boiling water till just warm, then take off and whip till cold and like thick cream, and mix into it by degrees three ounces of fine flour that has been passed through a sieve and just warmed in the screen; butter some peach tins with warm butter, and dust them over with castor sugar and fine flour mixed together in equal quantities, put the mixture prepared as above into the moulds to about half their depth, and bake in a moderate oven for about fifteen minutes; after this leave the cakes in the moulds for a few minutes before turning out, when turned out lightly brush over with a little carmine powder, and then dust them over with very fine castor sugar, completely coating them; pour some custard into the dish the peaches are to be served on, lightly sprinkle the peaches on the underside with a little sherry or brandy, and dish them on the custard as shown in the engraving, then fill up the centre with Snow Cream in a pile, sprinkle the cream here and there with coloured sugar or chopped pistachio nuts, and serve.