Cornets with Cream

Cornets à la Crème


Mix together into a paste four ounces of finely chopped almonds, two ounces of fine flour, two ounces of castor sugar, one large raw egg, a pinch of salt, and a tablespoonful of orange flower water. Put one or two baking tins into the oven, and when they are quite hot rub them over with white wax and let the tins get cool; then spread the paste smoothly and thinly over the tins (say, one tenth of an inch thick) and bake in the oven for three or four minutes; take out the tins and quickly stamp out the paste with a plain round cutter about two and a half to three inches in diameter, and immediately wrap these rounds of paste on the outside of the cornet tins which have been lightly oiled inside and out, pressing the edges well together so that the paste takes the shape of the cornet; then remove the paste and slip it inside the tin and put another one of the tins inside the paste so that it is kept in shape between the two tins; place them in a moderate oven and let them remain till quite crisp and dry; take them out and remove the tins; these can be kept any length of time in a tin box in a dry place. Ornament the edges with a little Royal icing by means of a bag and pipe, and then dip the icing into different coloured sugars; fill them with whipped cream sweetened and flavoured with vanilla, using a forcing bag and pipe for the purpose, and arrange them in a pile on a dish-paper or napkin. These cornets can also be filled with any cream or water ice, or set custard or fruits, and served for a dinner, luncheon, or supper dish.