Nantes Cake

Gâteau de Nantes


Make one pound of puff paste, roll it out into a large sheet, and then cut it in three or four pieces about the size of a dinner plate, wet each piece, place them one on top of the other on a wet baking tin, and then cut it out in a round about six inches in diameter. This can be done by placing a plate of the desired size on the top of the paste and cutting it round with a knife; take a smaller sized plain round cutter, and cut through two of the layers of paste, leaving about two inches of the paste as a border; leave the two bottom layers uncut, remove the cut out centres of the top layers, and brush over the edges and top of the paste with whole beaten up egg; cut out with a little knife any pretty design round the edge. Prepare an almond paste and put it in the centre of the paste, put it in a moderate oven to cook for about five minutes, then open the oven door, and dust the cake over with icing sugar by means of a dredger, and let it continue cooking for about half an hour, then take out of the oven, pour a little Royal icing on the top of the almond mixture, replace the cake in the oven, and let it cook for about ten to fifteen minutes until the icing is a pretty fawn colour, then take up, dish on a paper or napkin, and serve for a sweet for dinner or luncheon, or for a supper dish.

Almond Mixture for centre of Gâteau de Nantes

Have a pound of finely chopped blanched almonds, two ounces of good butter, two ounces of castor sugar, two ounces of finely cut or grated vanilla chocolate, six or eight drops of vanilla essence, and two raw yolks of eggs; mix all these ingredients into a smooth paste and use.