Timbale à la Maltoise


Work one pound of butter to a cream with half a pound of finely chopped almonds that are baked a nice golden colour, add a teaspoonful of essence of vanilla, then mix into it one pound of castor sugar; work this for about ten minutes, and add a quarter of a pound of rice cream, eleven eggs by degrees, and eight ounces of fine flour that has been passed through the sieve; work the paste again with the flour for ten minutes, then divide into three parts, colour one part with carmine, one with a tablespoonful of finely grated chocolate and about a saltspoonful of coffee brown, and leave the remaining one uncoloured. Put the paste to bake in plain moulds that are papered and buttered, in a moderate oven for about half an hour, then cut out in rings and arrange the colours alternately, joining the rings together with a little apricot jam till the timbale is complete; trim it and glaze with chocolate glace. Ornament with pale green icing and violet leaves. Serve with vanilla cream in the centre and a macedoine of iced fruits in a separate dish.