Melon à l’Impératrice


Take half a pound of butter, half a pound of baked almonds chopped fine, six ounces of rice cream (crème de riz), two saltspoonfuls of Marshall’s apple green, six whole eggs, four ounces of castor sugar, two saltspoonfuls of essence of vanilla; work the butter till like a cream, then add the rice cream, sugar, colouring, and the eggs by degrees, and finally the almonds, and work all together for about fifteen minutes. Butter and flour the two halves of the melon mould, and half fill them with the above paste, bake for about half to three quarters of an hour in a moderate oven; turn the cakes out of the mould; when they are cool trim them off evenly, so that when put together they will form a ball; scoop out the centres and fill the spaces with apricot or strawberry jam and whipped cream, sweetened and flavoured with vanilla; place the two parts together, glaze the cake with noyeau or maraschino glace coloured with a little apple green, dish on a border of nougat on a paper, garnish with leaves, and serve.