Little Puddings à la Grande Belle

Petits Poudings à la Grande Belle


Take some small dariol moulds and butter them well with cold butter, then sprinkle the bottoms with shredded pistachio nuts and the sides with little shreds of mixed peel cut up in the same way; partly fill up the moulds with freshly made brown breadcrumbs, then prepare a custard with three whole eggs mixed with half a pint of single cream, one tablespoonful of maraschino syrup, one and a half ounces of castor sugar, and a pinch of ground cinnamon, which will be sufficient for eight medium sized moulds; mix up well together and strain into the moulds, which should stand in a stewpan with a piece of paper underneath them, and add boiling water to about three parts their height; watch the water re-boil, then draw the pan to the side of the stove, and steam for three quarters of an hour; turn out and serve hot or cold with an apple purée round the base.